Postdoctoral Seminar Series


Postdoctoral fellows at UTM are invited to take part in upcoming events that are part of a seminar series intended to assist and enhance your pursuits for a fulfilling academic career.

Feel free to attend all or any of the following events.

Event Details


Title: Academia job search panel: “What I wish candidates knew” 
Date/Time: September 14th 12-1pm EST
Location: Zoom

Participants: Anna Korteweg (Professor, SOC), Bryan Stewart (Professor, BIO and Acting Vice-Dean Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Affairs) 



Title: Drop-in CV work session: hosted by Senior Research Associates 
Date: Sept 23 12-1:30pm EST
Location: Zoom

Participants: Drs. Harris-Howard, Velasco, Pichugin, and Parke, UTM Senior Research Associates


Other Events in the Series (details to come):

  • Writing a Teaching Statement for a Faculty Job Application
  • Writing an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement for a Faculty Job Application
  • Writing a Research Statement for a Faculty Job Application