Josh Milstein

Josh Milstein

Associate Vice-Principal, Research - Facilities
Chemical and Physical Sciences (CPS)


Josh Milstein is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences (CPS), with a graduate appointment in the Department of Physics. His research focuses on developing and applying single-molecule biophysical techniques and computational / bioinformatic methods to address challenges in cell signalling, gene regulation, and microbial population dynamics. Learn more about the Milstein Lab.

Josh has received the UTM Research Prize in the Sciences, an Ontario Early Researcher Award, and a New Researcher Award and a Science Leadership Fellowship from the Connaught Foundation. His research has been funded by Mitacs, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP), and, most recently, by the Data Sciences Institute and Medicine by Design. 

Josh was previously Associate Chair, Research for CPS and is co-director of the UTM INSPIRE Scholars Summer Program, jointly sponsored through the Centre for Medicinal Chemistry (CMC) and the Institute for Management and Innovation Executives Programs (IMIx).


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