View to the U podcast features Professor Alex Gillespie

Professor Alexandra Gillespie
Monday, February 27, 2017 - 10:23am
Carla DeMarco
Researcher in English and Medieval Studies focuses on the history of the book, but is also forging new ground in the digital age and manuscript studies.

Professor Alex Gillespie is a renowned scholar of the literary works of 14th-century writer Geoffrey Chaucer, and she specializes in medieval and early modern texts and books, with a focus on the shift from manuscript to print, the relationship between book history, literary criticism, and literary theory, and the digitization of medieval books.

Listen to the View to the U podcast that features Professor Gillespie as she explains the work she is doing in this area. A full transcript of the podcast is available.

Also see this profile of Alex's work from a 2007 interview we did, as well as Alex's website for further information on her work.