Scholarly Accolades – and Make it a Double

PhD Candidate Konstantinos Papazoglou
Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 3:01pm
Carla DeMarco
U of T Mississauga Psychology Doctoral Researcher Konstantinos Papazoglou wins two prestigious awards at the annual APA Convention

Psychology PhD Candidate Konstantinos Papazoglou can add a couple more honours to his ever growing list of accomplishments: he garnered both the American Psychological Association (APA) Outstanding Doctoral Student Research Award – Police and Public Safety Section, and the Anne Anastasi Graduate Student Research Award at the APA’s annual convention that was held in Denver, Colorado in early August.

“I personally feel absolute enthusiasm and am sincerely grateful that APA awards have been endorsing my research endeavors by offering this prestigious recognition to me,” says Papazoglou, who is currently teaching in the Department of Psychology at UTM and continues to be an integral part of Professor Judith Andersen’s Health Adaptation Research on Trauma (HART) lab, focusing primarily on the impact of stress and trauma on police personnel in his work.

“Law enforcement officers across North America and Europe experience multiple challenges in the line of duty, and the application of evidenced-based training and intervention are crucial considering that resilient and healthy law enforcement officers provide better services in the local communities that they serve,” says Papazoglou. “Therefore, promotion of officers’ health leads to high quality of police services, which, in turn, may result in improvement of social welfare.”

Papazoglou says that the APA awards go a long way to promote and support his research efforts, and enable him to further examine evidence-based treatment and techniques that help mitigate the negative effects of stress and trauma on police officers’ health and performance.

“The award and this line of research will provide me with all the necessary assets to pursue a postdoctoral clinical-research position, and to continue my clinical research work so that I can keep helping those who serve our communities and maintain peace and order,” says Papazoglou.


To read more about Papazoglou’s work, please see the Vanier Victory profile or visit his webpage.