Branching Out

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 9:05am
Carla DeMarco
Thirsty Thursday at UTM is helping to build a stronger research community on campus.

Thirsty Thursday - Research & Networking SocialFaculty members, postdocs and grad students from U of T Mississauga’s research community gathered last week to slake their thirst for networking and knowledge by participating in 
Thirsty Thursday, UTM’s research and networking social.

The event, held in the Faculty Club the afternoon of February 13, was a resounding success according to the host, Professor Bryan Stewart, UTM’s Vice-Principal, Research.

“There were about forty people in attendance” says Stewart. “We had folks from UTM’s Departments of Biology, Chemical and Physical Sciences, Psychology, and Economics. It was a great turnout from across our campus.”

Stewart hopes the monthly event will help to strengthen the research community and also familiarize faculty members with the work of their Mississauga-campus colleagues. Along with the Research Excellence Lectureship introduced last December and a UTM Book Launch upcoming in the Spring, Stewart aims for these activities to get people out to support their colleagues and build a sense of camaraderie across disciplines.

One of the organizers of Thirsty Thursday, Professor Christoph Richter from the Department of Biology, invites all interested researchers to join in in the discussion and engage with their colleagues so the event becomes the place to be the first Thursday of every month. The upcoming dates for the next Thirsty Thursdays will be March 6th and April 3rd.

Check the Research Office website for details of upcoming events, or contact if you would like further information on Thirsty Thursday.