Course Templates

Course Template Protocols

Course instructors are encouraged to apply to the ERC for an approved ethics protocol course template which can be subsequently used by all the students in the class.

This process removes the need for each student to prepare an individual protocol for submission to the ERC. With an approved course template protocol, the instructor can subsequently monitor students' proposed changes to the template, refering to the ERC when necessary.

Protocol Application Procedures:

Ethics Review Committee
Research Office
Health Sciences Complex, Room 334
(Fax: 905-569-4388)

  • The protocol application will be reviewed by two ERC members.
  • Applications may be approved outright, or the course instructor may be asked to submit revisions responding to the committee’s comments. The ERC will issue a letter of approval once the protocol has been approved.
  • Approved course template protocols are valid for a period of one year from the date of approval.