Past Competition Results

Please find below the past competition results of the UTM Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Program that have been funded through the Office of the Vice Principal, Research.

October 2020 Competition

Name Department Research Discipline
Keleabetswe Lerato Mpye Anthropology Sciences
Egide Kalisa Geography Sciences
Steven Logan ICCIT Humanities

Filipa Pajević

IMI Social Sciences
Quentin Peyron MCS Sciences
Emma Paszat Political Science Social Sciences
William F. Stanford, Jr. Visual Studies Humanities

October 2019 Competition

Name Department Research Discipline
Brandt Gibson Chemical & Physical Sciences Sciences
Emily Clare Language Studies Humanities
Samantha Creighton Psychology Sciences
Félix Desmeules-Trudel Psychology Social Sciences
Casey Scheibling Sociology Social Sciences
Andrea Gyenge Visual Studies Humanities

November 2018 Competition

Name Department Research Discipline
Timo Schaefer Historical Studies Humanities
Juan Piñeros Glasscock Philosophy Humanities
Kathleen Carswell Psychology Social Sciences
Phoebe Edwards Psychology Sciences
Rula Kahil Sociology Social Sciences