Postdoctoral Fellow Research Grants

Program Purpose:

The intent of these research grants is to provide UTM-affiliated Postdoctoral Research Fellows affiliated with UTM up to $2,000 funding to conduct a research project, or to be used for professional development in the following academic year. Eligible expenses will be governed by the rules of the most appropriate Tri-Council Agency. Up to 10 awards may be made per year (not counting the $2,000 research grants automatically awarded to recipients of the UTM Postdoctoral Fellowship Award).

Eligibility Guidelines:

To be eligible, a Postdoctoral Fellow must be supervised by a tenured or tenure-track faculty member appointed in a UTM academic department, and the Fellow must be affiliated with UTM. UTM Postdoctoral Fellow may only receive this grant once during their appointment. Past and current recipients of the UTM Postdoctoral Fellowship are ineligible to apply.

Departmental Pre-Ranking Process:

Each UTM academic department must review and rank all the PDF Research Grant applications prior to their submission to the OVPR. Academic departments will set their own internal deadlines and processes in order to facilitate the departmental review and ranking process

The deadline for UTM departments to submit complete application packages, plus their ranking sheet, to the OVPR is October 15, 2019.

Adjudication Process & Evaluation Criteria:

The OVPR will establish an Ad-Hoc adjudication committee to review and adjudicate the PDF Research Grants.

There are two evaluation criteria: (1) Project Description, and (2) Budget Appropriateness.

Project Description: The applicant summarizes the proposed research or scholarly activity using language suitable for a multi-disciplinary audience. The applicant must clearly explain the significance (e.g., scholarly and/or community-based impacts, knowledge transfer and exchange impacts) of their project. To be successful, applicants must write their applications for non-specialist reviewers. Applications written in a highly specialized or technical prose may receive a lower ranking.

Budget & Justification: The applicant itemizes, describes and justifies how the proposed funds will be spent. Standard Tri-Council expense eligibility requirements must be followed. Proposals that do not make a clear, demonstrated case for the use of the funds will receive a lower ranking. 

The UTM Postdoctoral Fellow Research Grant Application:

Applications for departmental competition are due by departmental internal deadline. Please check with potential department for internal deadline.

On or before October 15, 2019, academic departments must submit complete PDF Research Grant applications (each a single PDF document, using standard typeface and spacing) plus the departmental ranking, by e-mail to Rong Wu (

The PDF Research Grant application must include:

From the potential UTM Postdoctoral Fellow recipient…

  • Cover sheet (1 page)
  • A description of the research or scholarly activity, and a detailed budget request and justification, up to $2,000, with a description of any existing research support (2 pages)
  • A support letter from the PDF’s UTM Supervisor, endorsing the request (1 page)

Competition Results:

Results will be e-mailed to the PDF applicants, with a copy to their faculty supervisor.  Individual scores/rankings cannot be provided, but if reviewers provide comments in their adjudication documents, that feedback can be shared with applicants upon request.

Post-Award Details:

Shortly after award decisions have been made, the value of the award, up to $2,000, will be transferred to the UTM Supervisor’s commitment fund centre (CFC) following the receipt of any necessary certifications (see below). The award may be spent at the UTM Postdoctoral Fellow’s discretion in support of their research and scholarly activity and in adherence with applicable Tri-Council expense eligibility guidelines.

Certifications: University certifications for research using human subjects, animal subjects, or biohazards are required (as necessary) before funds can be transferred. Certifications need not be appended at the time of application; however, funding cannot be released until confirmation of the necessary certification is received by the OVPR.

Final Report: UTM Postdoctoral Fellow Research Grant recipients must submit a 1-2 page final report, describing what was accomplished, to the OVPR after the grant has been expended. 

Acknowledgment: The UTM affiliation of researchers and support from the OVPR should be acknowledged in any research outputs arising from this award.