Internal Funding for Postdoctoral Fellows


1.   UTM Postdoctoral Fellowship Award Program

Postdoctoral Fellowship (PDFs) are an important post-PhD training opportunity, affording recent graduates a chance to establish an independent research program. The Office of the Vice-Principal, Research will provide up to 6 awards. Each Postdoctoral Fellowship Award will include $40,000 to be used to supplement a PDF's salary, plus an extra $2,000 as a research grant. Fellowships will only be tenable at the University of Toronto Mississauga and proposed supervisors must have UTM tenured or tenure-track appointments.


2.   PDF Travel Grants


UTM PDF Travel Grants are intended to encourage presentation of research at academic conferences. Travel Grants will be provided to fund conference travel. Travel for other purposes, such as off-site research, data collection or collaboration, are ineligible for this program. The UTM Vice-Principal Research Office will provide up to $500 per person, to support travel to attend and present their research at a regional, national, or international conference or at an equivalent academic event. Expense eligibility will be in accordance with the policies of the University of Toronto and the appropriate Tri-Council Agency. When costs of travel exceed those provided by this program, additional funds are expected from the faculty supervisor and/or a UTM department.