Bridge Funding Program at UTM

The Office of the Vice-Principal, Research (VP-R), has implemented a Bridge-Funding Program to provide financial aid for researchers in the UTM community. This fund will support the research of UTM-appointed faculty whose Tri-Council grant applications have been highly ranked by agency peer-review, but have not been awarded due to lack of funds at the federal level.


  • Each Principal Investigator (PI) may only make use of the Bridge Funding Program ONCE during their tenure at UTM, be it from SSHRC, NSERC, or CIHR bridging.
  • Administration and distribution of funds will be co-ordinated through the UTM Office of the Vice-Principal Research (VP-R).
  • PI must hold a UTM primary appointment.
  • PI must have applied one of the following grants in the previous competition:
    • SSHRC Insight Grant or Insight Development Grant
    • NSERC-Discovery Grant
    • CIHR-Project Grant
  • And PI must have met the following minimum peer-review evaluation level:
    • SSHRC- at least sextile 3
    • NSERC – at least Moderate in all 3 categories (corresponding to NSERC Quality Bin M)
    • CIHR – receive a minimum score of 3.5 (subject to change with new review process)
  • By accepting UTM bridge funds recipients commit to:
    • re-applying in the next available competition (If the subsequent tri-council application is not successful, the PI is not eligible for further bridge funding)
    • having their application go through internal peer review
  • As long as the total request for funding does not exceed the total budget available, all eligible proposals will receive bridge funding.
  • The VP-R will aim to maximize the benefit of this bridge funding program to the advantage of all eligible UTM faculty.
  • If the total requests for funding exceeds the total budget available, the VP-R will consult with Department Chairs and the UTM Research Council
    • Departments will be asked to prioritize funding requests from their units, which may include, but not limited to: consideration of pre-tenure faculty, those in greatest need relative to other funding sources; or simply equal funding for each request in their unit.
  • Departments are expected to play a role in coordination of Bridge Funding within their units and communication of the requests to the VP-R office.
  • Expected bridge funding levels:
    • SSHRC – $10 - 15k
    • NSERC – $10 - 30k
    • CIHR – $10- 40k
  • There are no requirements for departmental matching funds.


  1. Upon receiving results from Tri-Council competition, Department Chairs and the VP-R Office will communicate to identify eligible faculty members.
  2. Department Chairs will confirm that eligible faculty members wish to be considered for funding.
  3. Departments may be asked to prioritize their requests and communicate their prioritization strategy, in the event that the total requests exceed the total budget available.
  4. VP-R office will assemble all requests, and apply prioritization criteria if necessary, to arrive at funding levels.
  5. Funding levels will be communicated to departments and PIs, and funds transferred to PI account.