Season 5 - Checking-in with Profs

Things might sound a little bit different this season as we navigate recording interviews with UTM faculty members from afar and over various technologies, either on cell phones, through Zoom or Teams. Bear with the sound quality, which might not be as clear as it has been in the past.

The next few episodes – or maybe next several episodes depending on the duration of the physical distancing – is meant to be a brief check-in with faculty members from various departments at U of T Mississauga to find out how their research might be shifting, or how their focus might relate to the new reality of COVID-19, and how they are managing in this era of physical distancing.

In the first episode, UTM Psychology professor Samuel Ronfard talks about his research and also how to best chat with young kids about things like germs, global pandemics, and physical distancing.

We also talk about some of the things he's doing during this time of self-isolation and how he is balancing work at home while also having a toddler toddling about in the mix.