Keisuke Fukuda (Psychology)

Image of Professor Keisuke FukudaOn this episode of VIEW to the U we highlight Professor Keisuke Fukuda from the Department of Psychology. 

Fukuda talks about his research related to visual working memory and how memory guides behaviour. But along with that, K also talks about other studies he is pursuing based on his inspirations, such as why is it so hard to forget things we would rather not remember and how memory distortion can come into play when we are processing information.

K also talks about some of the daily inspirations that motivate his research.

A full transcript of the interview is available. 


  • See the Fukuda Lab website for more information on his work.
  • Also see the accompanying profile, "What the mind remembers."
  • There is also the profile “Total Recall” on our site from 2017 to learn more about his ‘leading’ and ‘reading’ the mind focus.
  • If you are interested in topics related to memory and the brain, Fukuda also highly recommends the podcast Brain Inspired for an exploration of neuroscience mixed with Artificial Intelligence (AI).