Kajri Jain

On art, religion, business, and the work of the imagination

Photo of Professor Kajri JainOn this episode of the VIEW to the U podcast we are talking art, art history, and the importance of Art and imagination in research, but also in today’s world with Professor Kajri Jain from UTM’s Department of Visual Studies.

Kajri Jain is an Associate Professor of Indian Visual Culture and Contemporary Art in the Department of Visual Studies at U of T Mississauga and in the Department of Art at UofT St. George, with a cross-appointment at the Institute for Cinema Studies and in the Centre for South Asian Studies.

She is interested in how the values associated with images arise not only from what you see in the visual representation, but also from the production, circulation and deployments of images as material objects. She initially trained as a graphic designer at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India, but has been on faculty at UofT since 2007. 

A full transcript of the podcast interview is available.