Jessica Burgner-Kahrs (Mathematical & Computational Sciences)

Plugged in to Robotics Research

Professor Jessica Burgner-Kahrs

Jessica Burgner-Kahrs is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Mathematical and Computational Sciences at U of T Mississauga and in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at UofT, and the Director of the Continuum Robotics Laboratory at UTM, a newly established lab.

Over the course of this interview on VIEW to the U Jessica talks about being at the forefront of continuum robotics, what inspires and influences her work in the lab, her global collaborations, how she got into this field, and the resiliency required in research.

Her research focuses on continuum robotics and in particular on their design, modeling, planning and control, as well as human-robot interaction. Her fundamental robotics research is driven by applications in minimally invasive surgery and maintenance, repair, and operations.

A full transcipt of the interview is available. 


Photography by Maeve Doyle.
For more information on Professor Burgner-Kahrs's work, visit the Continuum Robotics Laboratory website.