Edward Schatz (Political Science)

Image of Professor Edward Schatz

Global connectivity in a crisis

On this episode of VIEW to the U, Global connectivity in a crisis, we hear from Professor Edward Schatz in U of T Mississauga’s Department of Political Science about his research that spans several areas including identity politics, social transformations, and anti-Americanism.

He also talks about the ways in which the current pandemic has illuminated some of the issues, like the flaws in global capitalism and social inequalities that, no matter where you are living, the amplification of these universal problems is undeniable.

Read a profile of Professor Schatz's work based on this interview: 
Politics and global connectivity in the COVID-19 crisis.

A full transcript of this interview is available.


  • In the interview Prof Schatz mentions an article, "Productivity and Happiness Under Sustained Disaster Conditions," written by Prof Aisha Ahmad at UTSC that appeared in the April 10 edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education.