Biomedical Communications: Andrea Gauthier, Jodie Jenkinson, and Shelley Wall

Professor Jodie Jenkinson, PhD candidate Andrea Gauthier, and Professor Shelley WallComics, gaming, visualizations, healthcare, learning, and communication integrated via visual media in science and medicine. On this edition of VIEW to the U we will explore all of these concepts with another trip to the Biomedical Communications department at U of T Mississauga.

You will hear a familiar voice – that of Professor Jodie Jenkinson, whom I interviewed last year on the podcast – and she will be joined by her colleagues Professor Shelley Wall and graduate student Andrea Gauthier. These three academics are helping kick off VIEW to the U's Second Season, which will feature women in academia at UTM from a range of its 15 departments.

In this first episode we cover a bit of Jodie Jenkinson’s work, which includes looking at how the design of animations and interactive tools may be used effectively for learning, but we also find out more about Shelley Wall’s work in comics and graphic medicine in relation to visual communication, and Andrea Gauthier’s exploration of employing games to improve learning outcomes.

Both media – comics and gaming – are not the low art or recreational diversions they may have been regarded in the past; both are having a moment, particularly in pedagogy and research.

A full transcipt of the interview is available.