Beth Coleman (ICCIT)

Image of Professor Beth ColemanIn this episode we hear from Professor Beth Coleman, an Associate Professor in UTM’s Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology and in UofT’s Faculty of Information Studies (FIS) about her research in aspects of human narrative and digital data in the engagement of global cities, including aspects of locative media/mobile media and smart cities.

We also talk about weeding through all of the COVID-19 information we are bombarded with everyday, and some of the things she’s doing during this time of self-isolation - we might even have a recipe or two to share.

Beth has been on faculty at ICCIT and at FIS since 2019. She has curated numerous art exhibits and media installations within North America and in Europe. Additionally, she is the author of the book Hello Avatar as well as multiple articles addressing issues of smart cities, urban data, augmentation & experience design, and critical race. Her previous academic positions include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Waterloo.

A full transcript of the interview is available. 


  • Read more about Beth's work in the profile "The current crisis and civic engagement."
  • Beth's Sequestered Black Bean Soup with Bacon recipe

    - Turmeric root
    - Ginger root
    - Garlic clove
    - 4 cups black beans (soaked)

    Put up beans & root veg in soup pot medium heat
    Turn down to simmer and could until tender

    - Bag frozen corn
    - Bag frozen spinach
    - 1/4 kid bacon or other fatty meat (we used lamb bacon)
    - Diced half onion
    - Fresh herbs

    Cook bacon in skillet
    Remove bacon from pan
    Sauté onion adding defrosted veg

    Add veg sauté to soup pot
    Add bacon
    Cook low 1hour then let sit for flavor
    Salt & pepper to taste

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