Anna Korteweg (Sociology)

Prof Anna KortewegOn this edition of VIEW to the U, Professor Anna Korteweg from UofT Mississauga's Department of Sociology talks about the motivations behind her research in immigration integration, policy and practices. She also outlines the work she has done with her long-time collaborator from Humboldt University in Germany, Professor Gökçe Yurdakul.

Very much in keeping with this “Adventures in Research” season of the podcast, Anna has a couple of academic anecdotes to share, but she also talks about the influence and importance of stories people tell, as well as the life lessons to be learned from knitting,

Her research focuses on the political debates regarding the integration of Muslim immigrants at the intersections of gender, religion, ethnicity and national origin in Western Europe and Canada. She has analyzed debates surrounding the wearing of the headscarf, “honour-based” violence, and Sharia law.

Anna joined the faculty at UTM in 2004 and served as the Chair of UTM’s Department of Sociology from 2015-20.

A transcript of the interview is available. 


  • In the interview, Anna mentioned Hot Docs as a great place to see some documentaries.
  • She also mentioned the book The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison as a great fantasy-genre read. 
  • She also mentioned the Yarn Harlot, a blog by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee that is a pleasant diversion about knitting and life lessons.