The Team


The Office of the Vice-President and Principal manages UTM’s chief executive portfolio, shaping the campus’s strategy and vision; leading signature initiatives for university and communal impact; and representing the campus’s mission publicly, both to internal stakeholders across U of T and to members of local, national and international communities. We embrace a fundamentally collaborative spirit, working with teams across the university to support the successful implementation of major projects in all areas of campus life: from teaching, learning and research to communications, advancement and student services, from budget, safety and capital development to HR, partnerships and EDI.

In each instance, anchored by a commitment to historical understanding and continuous improvement, we aim to realize the priorities that ground the campus as a whole: to enable impactful discovery in student and faculty research; to develop inclusive communities and sustainable spaces; to inspire academic creativity for student success; to embrace our location as a web of connection, wellbeing, and care; and to centre truth, transparency and reciprocity in all relations.

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