Strategic Framework


Exterior of Oscar Peterson Hall building, on the UTM campus, framed by greenery

Welcome to the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), where we champion inclusive excellence; discover solutions for once impossible problems; and share knowledge for a thriving community and a flourishing world. 

Across 225 green acres, minutes from the core of two of the world’s most culturally diverse cities, UTM’s campus runs alongside the Missinnihe, which means in Ojibwe “the trusting creek” The river was called the Credit by European colonists because, at its edge, they traded goods on credit with Indigenous peoples who have travelled and cared for these waters and lands for thousands of years.  

This history of connection and trust inspires UTM’s vision today, which values truth, openness and reciprocity in all relations. It animates our priorities to foster student success, and enable research discovery and impact; to empower collaboration and belonging, and build efficient and sustainable operations; and to embrace our place, both locally as an engine of opportunity and innovation for the Peel Region and globally as the second-largest division of one of the world’s great public universities. At UTM, we seek to fulfill the trust of our students and communities, and honour the better future they will help create. 

That future will rise to meet any challenge. UTM is leading innovations in robotic technologies; transforming the science and economics of drug discovery; and creating mental health pathways for every child to flourish. Our discoveries protect the world’s vibrant biodiversity; lift the burden of chronic disease; and make urban environments healthier for all forms of life. Our communities work together in creating and studying new forms of narrative and art; re-imaging undergraduate, graduate, and experiential education; and walking the path toward Indigenous reconciliation.  

These collaborations amplify the power of UTM’s special location and global community. Our Mississauga campus unites students and colleagues from across Canada and from more than 130 countries. U of T’s tri-campus university nurtures an alumni network than spans more than 649,000 people worldwide. The Peel and Greater Toronto Regions welcome almost half of our 6.7M+ residents from countries abroad. UTM helps catalyze an economic, scientific, technological, and cultural hub that links Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

So, we lean into our role of regional leadership, celebrating that our commitment here creates wider impact. We enable discoveries here that resonate everywhere. We empower students locally who flourish globally. We advance knowledge, truth, and innovation across the region to do the same around the world.  


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