Anuar Rodrigues

Anuar Rodrigues

Executive Director, Strategy

Anuar Rodrigues earned his PhD in the Department of Biology at U of T Mississauga.

Following a postdoctoral fellowship at the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, Anuar rejoined U of T where he has worked in progressively senior positions, including as the Director of Academic Planning, Policy, and Research in UTM’s Dean’s Office, and Director of Strategic Projects and Initiatives in the Office of the Vice-President and Provost.

In both roles he worked across portfolios to support the development and implementation of major plans, including the first-ever Academic Plan at UTM. He also stepped in at the start of the pandemic as U of T's Senior Lead, COVID-19 Strategy and Implementation, where he helped coordinate pandemic response across the tri-campus.

Now, as UTM’s Executive Director of Strategy, Anuar shapes the campus’s vision and direction; implements the priorities of our Strategic Framework; and leads operations for our Project Management Office and data team. He also works directly with the Vice-President and Principal and colleagues across U of T as a top advisor on financial, space, and business plans and university policy and process.