Happy to be back and looking forward

Reflecting (in pyjamas!) over a cup of morning coffee in Kumarakom, India
Reflecting (in pyjamas!) over a cup of morning coffee in Kumarakom, India
January 11, 2016

What a delightful week #1 back at the office!

I have to admit; the six-month break was exactly what I needed after an intense decade in administration, first at Waterloo, then here since 2010. Super-humans as we like to think we are, we all need a diversion from the routine every now and then. For me the most urgent need was to find some time to reflect.

And reflect I surely did. I believe that I’ve returned with a clearer idea of what I want to focus on for the next five years. I will share my thoughts with the UTM community in due course, invite you to help morph these thoughts into a strategy for our institution, and then get on with our shared and exciting journey forward.

Not that the journey stops in the meantime. In fact, it hardly slowed even during my absence – not a beat was missed – thanks to the formidable team that we have at UTM as well as to the fact that everyone here just spontaneously seems to know what needs to be done and where the bar for quality is. UTM keeps surging ahead: We are about to embark on the massive phase II of North Building reconstruction; the new research greenhouse by the HMALC is nearing completion; the Centre for Cancer Stem Cell Therapeutics is a reality; and so on… Thank you!

As I start my second term in office, let me also say “thank you” for your support and the vote of confidence. As much as I enjoyed the break between my two terms, I am delighted to be back and looking forward to the future with much excitement and anticipation.