Is the university degree really doomed?

March 17, 2014

In a Globe and Mail article last Friday, Leah Eichler asks, “Is a degree becoming a drawback?” In what I can only assume was an awkward attempt at humour, she starts with a narrative of how, while de-cluttering their storage room, she and her husband came across a bunch of their framed diplomas.

Sustainability Management – The smarts of doing ‘business NOT as usual’

September 16, 2014

There’s much new this year on the campus: the Deerfield Hall we celebrated yesterday; the Innovation Complex to house the new Institute for Management and Innovation; Spiegel Hall reborn as the physics teaching lab; a fresh new look and expansion for the OPH cafeteria; and much more… These are the obvious visible signs of change, but there’s one development that has probably not been noticed as widely – the launch of our latest professional master’s program in Sustainability Management.

Earth’s climate is changing rapidly, and there’s now a consensus among informed minds that human activity is at the root of this change. The weight of scientific evidence also tells us that we have very little time left before the runaway consequences of these changes would likely escape our ability to control them. This is on top of the broader human-induced environmental degradation. We know that the vast majority of human impacts on the global environment originate directly or indirectly from our commercial activities. So we are faced with a conundrum: The lifestyle we so love is in mortal peril without a drastic shift in our ways, and yet changing those ways appears to be so hard, if not impossible, without destroying the system that gave us this lifestyle in the first place.

Congratulations, Graduates!

April 29, 2015

The intimidating rows of chairs and tables have disappeared from the RAWC gymnasia and TFC—a sure sign that the exams are finally over! But wait, there was still one “Last Lecture” to go, delivered by our own illustrious alumna, Rumeet Billan, at yesterday’s reception for the graduating class. As she and the class valedictorian Nabil Arif spoke, an air of anticipation filled the Innovation Complex rotunda.

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