January 2015

Pop-cans, gum-droppings and how not to boil our frog!

January 19, 2015

We all have our pet peeves. Mine change periodically, and the current one is “trash”—that is, the trash that we see carelessly thrown around the campus.

First, before anyone gets the impression that ours is a dirty campus, let me elaborate: ask anyone to describe UTM and adjectives such as “beautiful”, “pristine” and “clean” are likely to dominate the narrative. So what trash am I talking about, and why on earth am I peeved about it? I am peeved because there is a tiny minority among us (and perhaps some visitors to campus) who don’t seem to care about keeping UTM beautiful, pristine and clean. And precisely because the campus is beautiful, even the smallest blemish sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb.

Welcome to 2015!

January 5, 2015

The new year will no doubt bring new challenges but, more importantly, it will also usher in exciting opportunities to make a difference.