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#MoveUTM - online campaign to promote health and wellness tips and resources to help UTM students stay active and healthy at home

Ongoing Daily Ongoing All Students

Instagram: @utm_athletics

#MoveUTM Consult - Interested in working out but don’t know how to get started? Workout regularly but want advice on modifying your workouts from home? UTM Athletics offers a 30-minute virtual complimentary consultation & assessment for all UTM students and staff with UTM Personal Trainers.

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Ongoing N/A All Students

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Online Fitness Programs: University of Toronto Virtual Fitness Studio Get moving with #UTRAIN Workouts: daily live and on-demand online fitness sessions. With a wide variety of programs all in one place, it's easy to tailor your #Utrain Workouts to your goals anmd your schedule. Sign up now for unlimited access from Sept. 8 to Dec. 18, 2020. Three organizations. One Virtual Studio. The Department of Recvreation, Athletics & Wellness partned with Fitness Performance and Hart House to  bring you the UofT Virtual Fitness Studio. Sign up today for virtual classes or access on-demand recordings any time.

Daily Ongoing All Students & Community

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RunUTM - Each week, we will share a simple progressive running program aimed at increasing the distance and speed of your running. For those new to running, the program begins with more walking than running, gradually building over 6-weeks to 5km. For those more experienced, we include programming and ideas to improve your running, including proper form and stretches for runners.

Starting Sept. 17

Ending Nov. 26

On-going, daily All Students & Community

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Fundamental Movement Lunge: Lunging is a versatile movement and absolutely essential to any sport, daily activity, and physical functionality. This workshop will teach you how to perform several lunge exercises and choosing the best variation for your goal. Learn the correct technique that will keep your knees safe and strong, and the importance of unilateral exercises to build a stable and balanced lower body.    Wed. Nov. 25 7 pm EST All Students Click here to register


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