10 things you didn't know about Lislehurst

23 Jan 2017 - 3:37pm
Lislehurst in summer with flowers

Lislehurst is the official residence of UTM principals and their families. Built in 1885, this elegant Tudor Revival stone mansion also houses a few secrets...

Lislehurst: UTM’s Heritage Moment

20 Jan 2017 - 4:47pm
Lislehurst in winter with lights on

Tucked away at the end of Principal’s Road, and guarded by stone pillars and private property signs, stands an important marker of UTM’s – and Canada’s – heritage. Lislehurst, the home of UTM principals, is a three-storey, eight-bedroom, five-bathroom, over-12,000-square-foot, Tudor-style house.

Golden year

3 Jan 2017 - 9:20am

1967. The year of Canada’s coming-out party, Expo 67, the Summer of Love, and the last time the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup. The musical Hair opened off-Broadway, Vietnam protests and race riots took centre stage in U.S. cities, Twiggy was a fashion sensation, and daring men wore turtlenecks under their dinner jackets. It was a time of change – shucking off the restraint of the ‘50s, and tripping into the psychedelic, flower power of a new generation.