Events banner, featuring a sunset infront of the Davis building with a campus police car passing by

Check back regularly to see what up and coming for events/projects. We welcome you to attend and celebrate with us! 

If you are affiliated with the UTM community and have an event or project that you would like to showcase within this anniversary, please contact Tara Fader, UTM 50th Anniversary Operations & Events Coordinator for further assistance.

Current Events

There are many events taking place over the calendar year of 2017 to celebrate U of T Mississauga's 50th anniversary. We want to see you there! Join us over the course of the anniversary year as we celebrate on and off-campus.  

Projects and Initiatives

Created by the Office of Advancement, and a 50th Steering Committee composed of representatives from major portfolios at UTM and U of T, 50th projects highlighting our past and future have been developed and posted online for everyone to view.

Current projects: