Approved 50th Legacy Projects

Congratulations to the successful grant recipients, below is a summary of each project:

Blackwood Gallery

Category: Staff/Faculty

Awarded $2,500 to refit frames for several important artworks from the Blackwood Gallery Collection.

Lucy Quinnuyuak, Young Girl, 1971. Stone cut, 61 x 76.3 cm. Edition


Framing our Story is a project that will increase engagement with the Blackwood Gallery’s permanent art collection for on-and off-campus communities. The goal of the project is to refit frames for several important artworks from the Blackwood Gallery Collection, in order to allow the works to be seen by audiences including faculty, staff, students and the local community surrounding the University of Toronto Mississauga.

UTM Library

Category: Staff/Faculty

Awarded $10,000 for a book sculpture, capturing the history of UTM, to be on permanent display in the Library.
Book sculpture

Artist Guy Laramée, has been selected for this project. His work has been presented in the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Latin America. In his work, Laramée creates stunning landscape sculptures using books ranging in size and subject matter. He uses a sandblaster to create his sculptures, protected behind a glass enclosure.




MSc.SM/ICUBE/Just Vertical

Category: Student

Awarded $10,000 for one farmwall tower located in Kaneff and the development of an educational component.

Vertical wall with spinach growing near bight light Conner Tidd & Kevin Jakiela, two graduate students from the UTM Master of Science in Sustainabilit y Management program, started an urban food social enterprise at the ICUBE that is focused on giving access to fresh sustainable food to urbanites.

Currently pending Space Planning and Management Committee (SPMC) aproval, the proposal calls for the construction of three tower farmwalls in buildings around the UTM campus. These farmwalls would create 2304 lbs of fresh, locally grown, pesticide-free food throughout the year. Food from the towers will be shared with the UTM food centre, which provides free food to students in need.