50 Years of UTM

50 Years of UTM - banner image featuring an ariel view of campus an the surrounding community

U of T Mississauga turns 50 in 2017.

From our modest beginnings in 1967 as a college with one building, two tennis courts, 155 students, 28 faculty and 40 staff, UTM has evolved into a globally competitive campus known for academic excellence and student success. We have grown substantially – in enrolment, faculty and staff complement, number of buildings, program diversity and ways not even contemplated in our early days.

As the second-largest division at the University of Toronto, UTM is a key component of U of T’s tri-campus system. We now have more than 14,000 students, with more than 20 per cent of our incoming class representing 65 countries. We have extraordinary teachers, researchers and staff who are inspiring and developing the next generation of leaders. And we have generous and supportive external partners – government, corporate, non-profit and friends – who are helping us develop our region’s prosperity and build a better future for everyone.

UTM has come a long way in half a century. And we have done so with the help, advice and guidance of many people. This anniversary year will be a way for us to look back – to mark significant milestones, and to remember, recognize and thank those who have made UTM what it is today. But it will be much more than that. We will also take the opportunity to reflect on the present and to look ahead – where are we now and where are we headed.

In 2017, we embark on an exciting journey. We hope you will be our travel companions throughout the coming year. We promise it will be a thrilling ride!