Rose Al-Mayaleh

Rose Al-Mayaleh
Undergraduate Student
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Criminology and French

The opportunities offered on campus for students to diversify themselves are more than what I expected. Take the time to do research, expand your circle, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. This is the only way we grow and develop.

I cannot wish for a better world and for change if I don’t lead by example.

Rose Al-Mayaleh

Rose Al-Mayaleh, a current UTM student, moved to Prince Edward Island, Canada from Damascus, Syria at the age of 13. After completing her first year at the University of Prince Edward Island, she took a year off to travel around Canada, teaching French in places like Quebec and British Columbia. She eventually decided to apply to UTM, due to its well-known criminology program and peaceful campus.

As a current student, Al-Mayaleh understands the struggle to balance school, work and volunteering. “It’s a learning journey to be a student,” she says. Her advice to help manage the balancing act is to maintain a healthy lifestyle through meditation, healthy eating and positive thinking.

Al-Mayaleh believes it is her responsibility to use her privilege to spread awareness and help the less fortunate. On campus, she is involved in the ESL teaching program for Syrian Refugees and is a research assistant at the Heart Lab. Last summer, she volunteered as a translator at the Ritsona Refugee Camp in Greece, where she also distributed donations and taught English. She credits her ability to volunteer in Greece to the generosity of the UTM community, who donated to her cause through bake sales, donations and auctions.

Al-Mayaleh plans to continue volunteering, working and travelling abroad. She hopes to eventually work in rehabilitation and trauma therapy, as well as promoting positive psychology. In September, she will be completing a semester abroad in Singapore to gain academic and cultural experience.