Linxi Mytkolli

Linxi Mytkolli
Graduate Student
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Master of Science in Sustainability Management; Institute for Management and Innovation

My program accepts people from all kinds of backgrounds and that broadens my perspective.

Linxi Mytkolli

Linxi Mytkolli is passionate about improving Canada’s healthcare system and she’s acquiring the tools to make it possible.

Mytkolli arrived at UTM’s Institute for Management and Innovation (IMI) with an honours bachelor of pharmaceutical science degree in hand, and she’s now adding a Master of Science in Sustainability Management to her credentials. Next on her list? Earning an MD.

“To get to the point where I can effect change in the healthcare system, I need both a master’s degree and an MD,” Mytkolli explains.

IMI provides a key link in her chain.

“There is no other program like this in Canada,” Mytkolli says. “IMI offers a lot of resources and opportunities that other places don’t, and the professional aspect of the program prepares you for what happens after school.”

To Mytkolli, unlike most of the population, sustainability isn’t a term that relates solely to the environment.

“Our healthcare system isn’t financially sustainable,” she says. “It can’t support our aging population and there isn’t equal access to our healthcare programs. It’s designed to treat the sick, not to avoid sickness.

“I want to go in and change everything.”

Mytkolli has already started facilitating change on the volunteer level as president of the national student-run community organization, Actions for Healthcare. Last year, the organization had its first gender-equal conference; this year, the group is running a national case conference. Funds raised from their events go towards charities that make healthcare access easier for those who find it hard to afford. Her involvement provides respite from schoolwork, although she loves her program.

“I can’t say enough good things about IMI,” Mytkolli says. “It has a really unique sense of community and a synergy I’ve never felt before. So many discussions happen and it’s a safe forum for dialogue. It has only been two months and I can already feel growth and see myself thinking differently. It’s amazing.”