Lee Bailey

Lee Bailey
Associate Professor
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London, ON
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I love teaching. It’s great to watch the students taking off and starting amazing careers. Every year there are dozens of students who are amazing.

Teaching is unpredictable, like whitewater rafting. You can do everything right, but you still tip over, right yourself and keep going.

Lee Bailey

Lee Bailey arrived at U of T’s St. George campus in 1987 with the intention of earning his master’s degree in economics and moving on. Instead, he stayed to begin work on a PhD, was diverted to U of T Mississauga by a teaching opportunity and stayed to forge a teaching career at UTM.

After Bailey had worked at Erindale College as a teaching assistant for a few years, the chair of the economics department named Bailey to fill in as a teacher while he was on sabbatical – quite an honour. The following year, 1993, Bailey was offered additional teaching opportunities in the Department of Economics’ teaching stream and abandoned all thoughts of the PhD. He’s taught nearly 200 courses—mostly full-year, auditorium classes.

After years in the classroom, Bailey’s enthusiasm for teaching hasn’t flagged, although he is always looking for ways to improve outcomes. His goal is to send his first- and second-year students on to their upper-level courses fully prepared to take on advanced challenges.

“I like to do a lot of creative things with my second-year (smaller) course, then scale it up to my first-year economics course, which has an enrolment of about 1,700,” Bailey said.

“Teaching is unpredictable, like whitewater rafting. You can do everything right, but you still tip over, right yourself and keep going.”

 In 2002, he revolutionized his core of TAs by hiring undergraduates to assist with the teaching while graduate students do the grading. He is understandably proud of the experience he provides passionate economics students, preparing them well for graduate school.

 Bailey is also passionate about his work in university governance and is now finishing his second term as a member of UTM Campus Council and has served on numerous campus committees. He was involved in the design of classrooms for the campus’ Instructional Building and the redesign of the Kaneff building and is involved with the Davis building project.

 “UTM’s teaching resources, classrooms and support staff are better than any other university I’ve visited,” he says, with more than two decades of experience behind his words.