Chadd Pirali

Chadd Pirali
Undergraduate Student
Place of Birth: 
Marabella, Trinidad and Tobago
Graduation Years: 
Department / Division: 
Business Management and Sociology

“Four years on this campus have opened my mind to unique perspectives on life and inspired me to always seek out more. There’s nothing I’d change about my time at UTM. It has definitely become home to me.”

Chadd Pirali

Chadd Pirali, born in Trinidad and Tobago, is currently completing his final semester at UTM. As a management and sociology double major, he has developed an appreciation for both the parallels and differences of these fields. The combination of these disciplines has provided him with an understanding of how human behaviour intersects with larger systems and institutions in society. Pirali credits sociology professor Erik Schneiderhan as his most influential professor, stating his energy, wit and enlightening class discussions sparked his aspiration to one day become an educator.

For Pirali, living on campus since his first year has made his transition from Trinidad to Canada easier than he expected. His residence experience prompted him to get involved on campus by becoming a residence don for the past two years. During his time as don, he has also worked as a residence services assistant and is now the diversity and international experience assistant. He is also a member of the Residence Community Engagement Team, English Language Learners’ team and a co-facilitator of the Diversity Task Force.

Pirali has been involved in other campus activities such as the CampUS Safety Project, OUT@UTM, U of T’s President and Provost Advisory Committee on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence, the Equity and Diversity Office and the Student Management Association. After completing a semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia, he volunteered with the Centre for International Experience by promoting exchange program opportunities. Currently, Pirali is the undergraduate student representative on the President’s Advisory Committee on the appointment of a vice-president and principal of UTM. Off-campus he has volunteered his time as a community engagement assistant for Volunteer Toronto and as a youth tutor for Safe City Mississauga.

Pirali's advice to other students is to take advantage of the opportunities to build connections at UTM, whether it’s as simple as chatting with a stranger sitting next to you in class or applying to become a research assistant. He encourages students to appreciate and embrace their time at UTM, because it will be over before you know it.


Principal’s Involvement Award, 2017.

University of Toronto Entrance Scholarship Recipient

Presented and finished top 5 at the National Residence Life Conference, 2015

University of Toronto Dean’s List Scholar 2014/2015 and 2015/2016