Anton Mykytenko

Anton Mykytenko
Undergraduate Student
Place of Birth: 
Kherson, Ukraine
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As I became more involved on campus and started developing more relationships in the community, UTM quickly became a familiar and welcoming place.

Anton Mykytenko

Originally from Kherson, Ukraine, current student Anton Mykytenko and his family moved to Mississauga when he was six years old. Mykytenko decided to attend UTM because it offered the quality education of U of T in a convenient location.  He also learned that UTM is the only campus to offer his program – Communication, Culture, Information & Technology. The program offers a professional writing minor which teaches clarity and effectiveness in writing. In addition to his minor, he is specializing in Digital Enterprise Management – another stream of CCIT which provides students with the knowledge and skillset to take advantage of fast-paced, technologically-driven business environments.

In his first year, Mykytenko struggled with becoming involved in campus life. “I didn’t spend much time on campus. I went to class, did my work and left,” he says. However, he eventually took on numerous extracurricular activities: becoming the arts & entertainment associate editor for UTM’s student newspaper, The Medium; working as the marketing associate and public relations director for the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (ICCIT) Council; being hired as a marketing & events assistant at UTM’s Career Centre; and becoming a graphic designer and web administrator at ICUBE. He also published a short story through the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre, in a project titled Success in First-Year University: A Survival Guide for International and ESL Students.

He credits his involvement at UTM to the influence of ICCIT Council, which helped jumpstart his extra-curricular career. Now, Mykytenko encourages students to take the first step in getting involved on campus. His advice is to, “apply for the associate position, go to the events, talk to people you don’t know and learn how you can give back. In the end, it benefits you the most”.

When asked about his future, Mykytenko is confident that his degree provides him with many opportunities and different paths. Ideally, he would like to launch a start-up or become an “intrapreneur” within a larger organization. Overall, he believes his degree will provide him with the skills needed to remain competitive in the job market and bring his ideas to life.