Whether you call it a semi-centennial or a Golden Jubilee, 2017 is a significant milestone for the University of Toronto Mississauga.

This year marks UTM's 50th anniversary—a time to remember the past and to look forward to an exciting future. Our 50th anniversary will be filled with memorable activities and celebrations and we invite you to participate.

The story of Erindale College began when the University of Toronto purchased 150 acres of land along the winding Credit River in the early 1960s. The 1960s were an auspicious time for the new campus, which opened the doors of Erindale College’s single academic building to 155 students, 28 faculty and 40 staff members in September 1967.

Jump forward to today—five decades later—and U of T Mississauga has transformed from a constituent of the Faculty of Arts and Science to become the second-largest division of the University of Toronto. UTM is now home to 13,500 undergraduate students, 600 graduate students, over 2,500 full- and part-time employees (including 980 permanent faculty and staff) as well as over 54,000 alumni.

Become a part of the story—share your memories with us on social media using the hashtag #UTM50. Check back regularly to learn about or to participate in the exciting anniversary activities taking place!