What are STEAM Days?

STEAM Days are a set of days dedicated to delivering experiential and engaging workshops and activities designed to encourage and empower young minds to be interested in and progress towards a University education in the Sciences (STEM Fields.) STEAM days are an opportunity for these young students to take away scientific concepts that they can be done easily and independently and at the same time experience that side of the science subjects, which might not be accessible in a conventional academic curriculum.

The goal of STEAM days is to help the students build an experiential foundation for STEAM and to present scientific concepts through fun, accessible, and engaging activities. U of T students have the opportunity to lead and facilitate these experiential learning workshops and inculcate a sense of community, confidence, and calibre in the students.

Project Details

  • Please refer to STEAM Day dates below.
  • Participants will receive a notation on their Co-Curricular Record upon successful completion. 
  • This volunteer opportunity will expand your skills (pdf) in Project Management, Critical ThinkingKnowledge Creation and Innovation, Collaboration and Community and Civic Engagement. 

                                                    This experience is approved on the Co-Curricular Record!

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For all questions and feedback regarding STEAM Days at UTM, please contact:

Martin Kengo
Community Engagement Coordinator, Access and Outreach

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