What are STEAM Days?

Science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) Days at UTM are virtual workshops for elementary and high-school students to be creative problem-solvers, researchers, engineers, and designers for challenges of the 21st century. 

Each STEAM Day event is uniquely designed for the intended audiences. STEAM Days at UTM are designed and facilitated by UTM students to provide youth with hands-on projects that test their problem-solving, creativity, and decision-making skills, with an emphasis on inspiring the curiosity of future STEAM change-makers.

For 2021-2022, STEAM Days at UTM programming will continue to be facilitated virtually. 

Participating students will be able to develop the following competencies:

  • Facilitating and presenting by guiding learning and dialogue sessions to support participants in deeper thinking; presenting STEAM-related ideas clearly, effectively, and accessibly
  • Communications and media by conveying persuasive messages to different audiences and utilizing multiple forms of media, to engage participants
  • Community and civic engagement by engaging participants in reasoned debate and critical reflections
  • Collaboration with different stakeholders
  • Investigation and synthesis in using appropriate technology and tools to analyze and apply STEAM information  


Volunteers must:

  • Complete the webform, identifying their preferred role for STEAM Days
  • Meet virtually with your project team to plan STEAM workshops
  • Complete assigned tasks
  • Complete reflection activity after the event

Building Partnerships

To develop new initiatives, we encourage partners in the community to connect with us to explore ways we can work together to provide these opportunities at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) and in the local community. We invite schools, parents and families, local community organizations, and UTM community mentors and student groups to explore how we can work together. If you are interested in partnering with the Centre for Student Engagement on Social Innovation Projects, please fill out this form

                                                    This experience is approved on the Co-Curricular Record!

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For all questions and feedback regarding STEAM Days at UTM, please contact:

Martin Kengo
Community Engagement Coordinator, Community Mentorship

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