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Peel HIV/AIDS Network (PHAN). A group of students collaborating on a project.

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For over two decades, the Peel HIV/AIDS Network (PHAN) has provided a growing array of health promotion, education, social and support services for people living with HIV, their families, partners and community members. Through collaborative efforts and effective service delivery, PHAN has become the leading HIV/AIDS service provider for the Region of Peel’s 3 distinctive communities of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon.

Learn more about the Peel HIV/AIDS Network (PHAN) here!

The Challenge(s)

1) As an AIDS Serving Organization, our programs and services promote healthy sexuality and support behavioral change. We need to promote the adoption of PREP, PEP and other HIV Prevention strategies through our GET PREPPED website ( that was launched earlier this year. We wish to focus our efforts on clinical care providers, queer men and marginalized women. 

2) One of the priority populations we serve are those individuals who use substances. In order to support these folks, specifically parents and coming from the perspective of gender and reproductive rights; how can health care providers better respond to the changing needs of “at risk” and priority populations in Peel region? We would like to see a resource developed for breast feeding parents who use drugs.

3) The HIV/AIDS Sector is changing due to much learning from research and innovative community engagement. One such development over the last few years is the U=U scientific evidence ( that is helping to counter stigma and discrimination experienced by folks living with HIV/AIDS. Given the multicultural demographics of Peel region, we hope to develop and implement an engaging community campaign to engage with folks living in Peel around U=U, HIV/AIDS and Stigma.

The Project

Starting with the Social Innovation Project Launch Day on October 20th, we are looking for a team of up to 12 UTM students to work through these issues and come up with an innovative project plan and budget with this organization based on the challenge(s) they are facing. The Centre for Student Engagement will fund part or all of the project(s) based on the proposal(s).

Over the next 16 weeks, can a group of our UTM students come up with an innovative solution working with this organization? 


Each Social Innovation Project opportunity relates to a theme. The theme(s) for this project include: Health Related and Event Coordination.

How Do I Sign Up?

This project is no longer accepting registrations.


For all questions and feedback regarding Social Innovation Projects, please contact:

Michelle Atkinson
Community Engagement Coordinator

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