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For over two decades, Moyo Health and Community Services (formerly the Peel HIV/AIDS Network) has provided a growing array of health promotion, education, social and support services for people living with HIV, their families, partners and community members. Through collaborative efforts and effective service delivery, Moyo has become the leading HIV/AIDS service provider for the Region of Peel’s three distinctive communities of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon.

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The Challenge(s)

Moyo Health and Community Services Gamefication Education

Challenge: Moyo Health and Community Services (Moyo HCS) is looking into improving their client outreach processes with respect to their new programs and services. The organization’s newcomer program, which launched in 2020, engaged with newcomers and settlement sector stakeholders despite the challenges faced by COVID-19. Additionally, Moyo HCS is concerned with digital equity among stakeholders regarding all their programs and are interested in developing solutions for this problem. 

Project Description:

Students will explore outside the box ideas on marketing deliverables, Identifying and implementing outreach strategies to engage with newcomers to Canada about Moyo HCS’ settlement and newcomer programs, Xenophobia, and Photovoice Exhibit content.  


Priority Populations: As an organization, Moyo HCS aims to focus on the systems, social determinants of health and unique barriers that put communities (PHAs [People Living with HIV/AIDS], women, 2SLGBTQ+, sex workers, African Caribbean and Black [ACB], People Who Use Drugs, newcomers to Canada etc.) at disproportionate risk of health inequities. The organization support folks with STTBI [Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections] prevention, HIV care and support navigation, settlement support for newcomers and promote safer consumption of substances.  

More information on Moyo HCS: 

Moyo HCS’ 2021 Photovoice Exhibit: 


Additional Skills:

Skills: Background in graphic design, communication, social work, psychology, health sciences.  

Lived experiences among racialized folks / 2SLGBTQ+ folks / ACB folks / Newcomers to Canada.   

Proficiency in a secondary language    

Interest in supporting communities that are equity owed 

Academic Background: No preference. 

The Project

Starting with the mandatory Social Innovation Project Kick-Off Day on Saturday, Oct. 23rd, we are looking for a team of UTM students to work through these issues and come up with an innovative project plan and budget with this organization based on the challenge(s) they are facing. The Centre for Student Engagement will fund part or all of the project(s) based on the proposal(s).

Over the next 16 weeks, can a group of our UTM students come up with an innovative solution working with this organization? 


Registration is now open! 

1.    Log into CLNx at 

2.    Click on 'UTORid Login.' 

3.    From the navigation menu, go to 'Experiential Learning': 

4.   Under 'Courses/Programs' select 'View' and then select 'Social Innovation Project Fall/Winter 2021/22) and click 'Apply' 

5.    Follow the program instructions on CLNx to officially register and select your project! 


For all questions and feedback regarding Social Innovation Projects, please contact:

Michelle Atkinson
Community Engagement Coordinator

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