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Caledon\Dufferin Victim Services is a not for profit, charitable organization serving the Town of Caledon and the County of Dufferin. Our agency offers free, one-to-one, confidential assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to support individuals affected by crime and tragic circumstances. At CDVS, the needs of every victim matters. Because Caledon-Dufferin Victim Services (CDVS) exists, those who encounter crisis can cope with their current circumstances. CDVS supports victims of crime, abuse, and tragedy – enabling the continuum of recovery through rapid response, informed referrals and community partnerships.

Learn more about Caledon-Dufferin Victim Services (CDVS) here!

The Challenge(s)


Limited human resources prevent our staff from exploring and documenting emerging information about common victim issues. As these issues come up, we want to ensure we have the most up to date resources to support victims in the Caledon\Dufferin region.

Project Idea 1:

Automobile Collisions – Information Victims need to know. What to expect if you have been injured in Ontario. What to know if you don’t have your own auto insurance. What to know if you have a complaint about the way your insurance company is dealing with your claim. Local resources & supports for victims & their families (also include online resources –Canadian)  o i.e. Picking up the Pieces; Crash Support Network, Normal reactions after a motor vehicle collision. As part of work on this project, CDVS will need a handout for victims that contains all the pertinent info but is not overwhelming (possibly a brochure and/or a USB containing info sheets?)

Project Idea 2:

We are looking for a research & information package exploring the associations between marijuana use and experiences of victimization i.e. is there any correlation between marijuana and interpersonal violence? What has been learned about victim issues in places around the world where marijuana has been legalized? What is the important information victim servicing agencies will need to have to address these potential issues/concerns/victims? As part of this work, CDVS will need public education ready handouts and crisis volunteer ready training materials.

The Project

Starting with the mandatory Social Innovation Project Kick-Off Day on October 26th, we are looking for a team of UTM students to work through these issues and come up with an innovative project plan and budget with this organization based on the challenge(s) they are facing. The Centre for Student Engagement will fund part or all of the project(s) based on the proposal(s).

Over the next 16 weeks, can a group of our UTM students come up with an innovative solution working with this organization? 


Each Social Innovation Project opportunity relates to a theme. The theme(s) for this project include: Children and Youth, Business and Technology Based, Adult and Elderly Support and Health Related.

Registration is now closed for 2019-2020 projects

There are a few steps before you can officially register for your project, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the mandatory online Volunteer Training module in Quercus. 
  2. Complete the registration form by Thursday October 24th by noon. (Register here)
  3. You will receive an e-mail confirming your spot in your project by October 24th.
  4. We'll see you on Saturday October 26th from 10am-4pm where you will meet your team, connect with your Communtiy Organization, and kick-off your project!


For all questions and feedback regarding Social Innovation Projects, please contact:

Michelle Atkinson
Community Engagement Coordinator

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