Civic Engagement Program: The City Where We Live!

Three students working at a table collaboratively with the words civic engagement on the image

The Civic Engagement program provides opportunities for students to learn more and understand their involvement as citizens in the community. This includes everything from:

  • Examining information and news with a critical and reflective lens
  • Understanding and participation in municipal, provincial, and federal systems and processes
  • Volunteerism, giving back, and getting involved in community
  • Activism, advocacy, and social change

Civic Policy Challenge

This program is approved on the Co-Curricular Record!

We have a new policy challenge program at the CSE called "The City Where We Live" that encourages students to be more proactive in their civic engagement and make a difference in their community. In this competition students, as a team or individually, pitch a creative public policy in the City of Mississauga. No prior knowledge of Canadian politics is required, but basic knowledge of systems is helpful. All students must attend and participate in all four workshops in order to compete.

The Civic Engagement program is a great way for students to connect with their peers and local community leaders. It provides students hands-on experience on policy development and understanding the city we live and study in! Students will participate in this challenge for a month and develop many skills, such as:

  • Community & Civic Engagement
  • Decision- Making & action
  • Strategic Planning & Thinking
  • Systems Thinking
  • Investigation & Synthesis
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Advocacy


  • Participate in five core workshops every week from October to November
  • Complete an online reflection survey after the competition to add Civic Engagement Policy Challenge to your Co-Curricular Record
  • Submit your creative policy idea as a team, Student Organization, or as an individual that will be matched with a team!
  • No prior knowledge in Canadian/ Ontario politics is necessary but is helpful


Registration is now closed, complete the Community Innovation Interest Form to stay updated on this program for next year.


For all questions and feedback regarding Civic Engagement or the Policy Challenge, please contact:

Marlo Young-Sponga
Community Engaged Learning and Partnerships Coordinator