UTM Engage

UTM Engage

A New UTM App Experience. Coming Soon!

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Discover Groups

Discover all of the groups and student organizations at UTM with the group tab! Within each group, you can view events, write on discussion forums, and join the groups. The groups tab provides you with an easy to stay connected with other students in the group. 


With the calendar tab, you can view all the events and activities run by campus departments and services! Find the event that best suits you and your needs, and easily integrate it with your personal calendar. With the calendar tab you will no longer miss out on important sessions run by campus departments and services.

Buildings & Rooms

With a growing campus, it can be difficult to remember the location of all the classes and meeting rooms available! UTM Engage includes an interactive and easy-to-use platform to find all the rooms and classes on campus. 

Campus Discussions

With a number of campus feeds available, you can now get answers quick! Want to sell a textbook? Need some information about bus routes? Found a lost wallet? The campus feeds provide you with a central platform to post, ask questions, and provide feedback. 

Add & Interactive With Friends

UTM Engage will be the perfect app to use with your friends. Within the app, you can add friends, send direct messages, and grow your network!



For all questions and feedback regarding UTM Engage (App), please contact:

Sako Khederlarian
Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Organizations & Outreach

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