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What is UTM TimeTracker?

UTM TimeTracker is an online student time management tool designed to support your academic success and well-being.  As you use the tool to stay organized and focused, it will help you develop a high level of awareness in terms of time usage and prioritization of goals. The various components of UTM TimeTracker enhance your understanding of academic expectations, specifically as it relates to planning and scheduling, and provide you with a holistic guide to optimizing your time usage according to best practices supported by research.


  • Import your course schedule directly from ACORN 
  • Map out your assignments, study time, and tests for each course you are taking
  • Receive direction on the necessary steps and recommended time to complete each step, including preparing an outline, reviewing your draft, looking for references, and more
  • Stay accountable by including your wellness and co-curricular activities in your schedule
  • Use the embedded assignment calculator, mark calculator, and personalized weekly reports to stay on top of your university experience

Try TimeTracker Now!

Download the UTM TimeTracker PDF User Guide to learn about all things TimeTracker!

Access UTM TimeTracker PDF User Guide here.


Still have questions? Watch our UTM TimeTracker tutorial video series on YouTube for quick online tutorials on navigating TimeTracker.

View UTM TimeTracker video tutorials on YouTube here.


UTM TimeTracker Video Tutorials

1. ACORN Course Import

Learn how to import your UTM course schedule form ACORN onto UTM TimeTracker.


2. Adding Courses Manually

Learn how to add courses manually onto UTM TImeTracker.


3. Assignment Calculator

Learn how to add and move your assignments and how to efficiently make use of the Assignment Calculator on UTM TimeTracker.


4. Out of Course Activities

Learn how to add out-of-course (extra-curricular) activities onto UTM TimeTracker.


5. Statistics Tab

Learn how to navigate the Statistics Tab and adjust your marks from previously inputted assessments.


6. Adding Tests and Study Time

 Learn how to add tests and study time onto UTM TimeTracker.



For all questions and feedback regarding UTM TimeTracker, please contact:

Svitlana Frunchak
Student Success Coordinator, Academic Initiatives

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