Student Programming Planning Interactive Exhibition (SPPIE)

Group of students sitting with a professor.

Coming to you again Fall/Winter 2022-2023!

Are you exploring your program options? The Student Program Planning Interactive Exhibition (SPPIE) is here to help!

SPPIE is an interactive exhibition for you to learn more about program planning and get an intro to planning your career path. Through this event, you will have an opportunity to engage with Career Advisors, Department Representatives, UTM Alumni and Academic Advisors to get all the information you need to assist in your program planning journey.

The Acadiate Platform
In 2022 SPPIE was run in a Hybrid model. The website and all it’s resources is up and available for you to use as you start to select your programs in the 2022 academic year! Start off in our SPPIE Lobby, and click through each station to learn more about the tips and tricks to planning your programs. The Acadiate platform houses Interactive activities, recording information videos and important documents and resources for you to access.

Visit the SPPIE Acadiate Lobby now!

Why Attend SPPIE?

As you start to wrap up your first year, your focus might shift towards questions like, “What is program selection? Am I sure this is what I want to study? Major, Minor or Specialist?”

The Student Program Planning Interactive Exhibition, known as SPPIE (pronounced spy), is your one-stop shop to all things program planning and selection!

If you’re debating between two programs, or if you are unsure what a career plan could look like, here at SPPIE we have advisors, department representatives, and even UTM alumni to help answer those questions.

UTM’s Academic Affairs and Student Affairs departments have joined efforts to support you during your program selection and planning journey.


For all questions and feedback regarding SPPIE, please contact:

Centre for Student Engagement