Student Leadership Awards

Student Leadership Awards

Principal's Involvement Award

The Principal's Involvement Award ecognizes students who have enhanced the quality of student life at the UTM. Involvement, for the purposes of this award, is defined as the myriad ways that students engage with campus life outside of their academic commitments. 

Emerging Leaders Award 

This award recognizes new to UTM students who shows dedication and involvement and aspires to improve and contribute to the UTM community. New to UTM students includes first year, transfer students, any students who are completing their first year at UTM

Student Organizations' Awards 

Program of the Year Award

This award recognizes outstanding achievements in event and program planning by any student organization recognized through Ulife.


Outstanding Initiative Award 

This award recognizes an innovative or creative approach or project undertaken by a Ulife recognized student organization. This award was developed to identify and celebrate projects and initiatives that are not necessarily events or programs.