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Booking Facilities in University Space

The Student Centre is the preferred location for student group activities at UTM – groups can request Student Centre space by contacting the UTMSU office, in room 100 of the UTM Student Centre or emailing If a suitable space is not available in the Student Centre, a UofT & UTM-recognized group’s designated public contact can submit a room booking request form. (Not all booking requests can be met due to space limitations on campus. Please request space at least three working days in advance of your event and do not promote a location until its availability is confirmed.) Please note that if your group is planning to show a movie on campus, your student group should confirm that it has license and copyright permission.  You may wish to consult with UTM's copyright librarian, Shelley Hawrychuk well in advance of confirming and promoting your event. 

Please note that if food will be provided or consumed at your event all UTM outdoor locations and campus buildings (except the Student Centre) require the use of the campus food service provider, arranged through UTM Conference Services by emailing Special menus and pricing are available for UTM-recognized student groups with sufficient advance notice.

PLEASE READ Booking Conditions & Regulations:

The room booking request form constitutes a request for the space.  Not all requests can be accommodated-- a location should not be advertised until a room booking is confirmed.

Any space provided is for the group's sole use and event/purpose noted above and not for any other group(s), event(s), or purpose(s).

Group and event must abide by the UofT Policy on the Temporary Use of Space and its procedures, all applicable University policies, federal and provincial statutes and municipal bylaws relating to private property, the rights of the individual and the University, and it responsible for obtaining appropriate permissions for any public presentation of copyrighted material.

Groups are responsible for leaving the space in a clean, usable condition, set up in the same manner in which it was found, and is responsible for any related charges.  Affixing any materials to walls, windows, surfaces, etc. is strictly forbidden.  Helium balloons are also not permitted inside any building on campus. 

Amplified sound is not permitted unless authorized by Conference Services.

The provision of space, resources and the approval of a group's room booking is provided on the assumption that the information provided below is full and accurate disclosure of the nature of the activities taking place at the facilities provided. UTM reserves the right to withdraw approval at any time should the activity, number of participants, or other detail(s) differ from the information provided above, and is not liable for any related losses that occur.  UTM reserves the right to refuse/cancel bookings of organizations that have not complied with conditions established or who have a balance owing to UTM.  

All student groups are responsible for booking their groups audio/visual equipment. Please contact Classroom Technology Support by emailing them: or by calling them at (905) 569-4300.  

Late changes and/or cancelations may result in additional booking-related charges, depending on the particular service(s) and the notice provided.

This form is to request any UTM buildings & grounds (except gyms, playing fields, residences & the Student Centre)

Please submit completed request at least Three (3) Business Days in advance of your proposed booking date.  

Please direct any questions to the Centre for Student Engagement at

**Please consider that it is in your best interest to book rooms after 6:00pm due to the number of classes taking place.

Only the primary or secondary contact as listed on Ulife may submit a request.
Do not include set up time in event start time
If YES: All student organizations are responsible for booking their groups audio/visual equipment at least 3 days in advance. Please contact Classroom Technology Support by emailing them: or by calling them at (905) 569-4300.
You can contact UTM Conference Services by calling 905-828-5279, or by emailing
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