Online Elections Request Form

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U-elecT ( is the online student election system for Student Societies at the University of Toronto to perform their referenda or elections. This page outlines the steps to be taken by the group’s Senior Election Officer (SEO) to register and use U-elecT. Note that the system does not currently allow for preferential or ranked voting methods.

To get started, the SEO must make an appointment with the Student Engagement Coordinator at least two (2) weeks prior to when the group will hold its referendum or election. Please fill out this form to request an appointment.

The SEO must bring the following information and documents to the meeting:

  • name of the group
  • their UTORid
  • a document that proves status as the appointed SEO, e.g., letter from the executive, meeting minutes documenting motion approval of appointment, etc.

The SEO will be required to sign an Agreement of the Senior Election Officer for Use of the Election System before being assigned the role of Student Leader on U-elecT. 

Before you get started, you must email:

The Vice President of University Affairs with UTMSU will refer you to the Centre for Student Engagement. To book an appointment with the Student Engagement Coordinator and gain access to the U-Elect system, please visit the following link, click on 'Academic Society - Election & Referendum' to book an appointment:


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