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There are three kinds of recognition currently available to UTM student groups: UofT & UTM recognition, UTMSU (UTM Student Union) recognition, and CCR (Co-Curricular Record) recognition. Each offers a distinctive set of benefits and groups should consider applying for all.

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UofT & UTM (Ulife) Recognition

Both new and returning student groups seeking UofT & UTM recognition complete a central on-line application once each academic year, typically between April 1 and September 30 for status throughout that academic year, although later applications are still welcome. Groups that are approved are granted a package of benefits.

Groups can apply for UofT & UTM recognition on-line via Ulife – in most cases decisions are typically provided within one to two weeks from the completion of the application and checklist. The site also provides guidelines for your group’s constitution to help make the process smoother.

Once approved, your group must seek renewal on a yearly basis on Ulife.  Please note that Student Societies and Academic Societies are not required to renew their status; however, respective group leaders must update the executive team contact list annually in order to take advantage of the same benefits as recognized groups.

Resources for Ulife Recognition:

Groups that are approved are granted a package of benefits, which include:

  • Use of university facilities at a lower cost or no cost  click here for more information
  • Group accounts for UofT electronic resources (e-mail, web hosting, listserv and portal services)
  • Use of the University of Toronto and University of Toronto Mississauga name in conjunction with group activities
  • Listing on UTM student organizations webpageUlife and other print and on-line directories
  • Special food service menus and pricing through UTM Conference Services with sufficient advanced notice
  • U of T Internet Resources: Groups can request UofT internet resources (UT e-mail, web hosting, lilstserv and portal communities). Once your group receives UT & UTM recognition, the group's main contact can request internet services in Ulife under My Groups > Request Group Services.

In addtion to these benefits, Ulife recognized student organizations are also provided a list of services that include:


UTMSU Recognition

A UTM-based group seeking UTMSU recognition, which offers a different set of benefits including opportunities for program funding, Student Centre bookings and office space, etc. should apply to the relevant student union. Details on UTMSU recognition are available at

Note that much of the information required for UofT & UTM recognition and UTMSU recognition is similar, so it may be wise to complete both applications at the same time. Once the appropriate information is gathered (officers, contact information, constitution, etc.), each application normally takes less than five minute to complete.


CCR Recognition

Student Organizations have the opportunity to get student leader positions recognized on an official institutional document, the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

Learn more about the process for CCR Recognition here.