Interactive Group Space

Interactive Group Space


"Being involved in a student group has been challenging yet rewarding. I believe the key to successful leadership is the camaraderie among the team. It makes the team members enjoy their work, which results in efficiency in their work. Amidst the pandemic, I ensure that my team members feel a sense of belonging and team spirit by involving team bonding activities in our meetings. The time zone differences create some issues, but with effective communication, we resolve them, and my team continues to do exemplary work.  I am immensely grateful to have the opportunity to lead such like-minded individuals.”

-Kashish Chabbira, Deca Co-President 

The Interactive Group Space is now active! To visit the website, please click the icon below.

On the Interactive Group Space, you can:

  • Tour the Many Campus Groups & Societies
  • Connect and Interact with Student Groups & Societies
  • Learn About the Co-Curricular Record

Interactive Group Space




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