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Are you a student group who has an idea to bring students in the UTM community together? We're looking for groups to collaborate on ideas to engage students on campus. Through this fund, we encourage student groups to collaborate with other groups that are of a different area of interest. 

It could be annual initiative or a first-time event. Tell us your idea and you could be awarded funding!

The application must include a partnership between two (or more) student organizations or academic societies.

Why Apply?

The Club Connection Fund is an excellent way to build relationships with other campus groups, while receiving helpful financial assistance to help along the way. 


Who Can Apply?

In order to receive funding, student groups/academic societies must be:

  • Ulife Recognized
  • Active on the University of Toronto Mississauga campus
  • Planning an event/project with another campus recognized group, preferably with an organization with a different area of interest

Any Ulife recognized group/organization or academic society are elgible to apply for funding.

Examples of Projects that Qualify for Funding:

Here are some examples of events and initiatives that would qualify for funding:

  • Host a film screening
  • Plan a speaker series
  • Organize a conference
  • Hold a talent show



Applications Open 

To Apply:

1. Complete this form with the required information. (APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED)

2. Wait for an email from the Centre for Student Engagement with details about the status of your application.

3. If approved, you will be asked to visit the Centre for Student Engagement to pick-up the cheque.

4. A Funding Reflection form must be completed no later than 14 days after your event/project, along with original receipts.





Past Winners of this award: 

Atomic Banquet

"The main goal of this event was to empower and inspire students toward pursuing Medicine as a career. The speakers testified their involvement with the Pre-Medical Club and their achievements. However, it also allowed for students to become informed of other pathways from successful representatives of the other clubs (which include dental/pharmacy/other graduate schools). 

The key speakers each represented their club, thus allowed for a discussion on how each representative accomplished their career goals and/or continue pursuing it. This event provided our members with a positive environment in which they were able to connect with like-minded individuals and learn more about their career pathways. The collection of speakers and representatives created a dynamic environment which inspired and encouraged all that were present. In this regard we were able to accomplish our goal since all those attended confirmed that they had a good time, would like to attend similar events in the future, and found it informative."

Collaborators: Pre-Medical Club, Pre-Dental Club, Erindale Biology Society, and Pre-Pharmacy Committee

I Pink I Can

"We hoped to accomplish community engagement where students learned more about breast cancer, early detection, getting support and how they can contribute to the community through volunteerism or donation. We also hoped to achieve a collective initiation to pay tribute to victims and survivors of breast cancer and attempt for a collective healing through our candlelight vigil walk.

This project helped students become more aware about Breast Cancer, and better equipped with knowledge. It also helped develop a sense of togetherness in this battle towards finding the cure."

Collaborators: Centre for Student Engagement, Muslim Students' Association, and Running Club

Christmas Banquet: The First Noel

"The purpose was to create a night for students of all backgrounds and cultures to celebrate Christmas together. It was a great experience to collaborate with different clubs, not just for the company of new people, but also for the diversity they brought to execute the event itself. As a result, there was a good amount of people who attended the banquet for the first time this year and enjoyed it. The band and alumni speakers got great reception. Overall, it was engaging and a light-hearted environment where students could enjoy food and fun.

The general feedback we got from those who attended was that it was well put together and looked professionally done. On our end, we were thankful that the various parts and groups were able to cooperate and put everything together. We’re all pleased with the turn out of the event, and hope for more collaboration opportunities for next year."

Collaborators:  Christian Unity Association, UTM Gospel Choir, Baptist Student Ministries, and Music Club

RotarACTION: Resume and Interview Workshop

"The main goal of the event was to provide opportunities for students to become better prepared in the job search process. Through engaging in mock interviews and resume critiques with industry professionals, our hope was to give students the opportunity to obtain constructive feedback and work on their own professional development. The event also had a session on tips to write resumes and there was a great discussion between reps and students on what to include on resumes to get to the next stage of the job search process. Students that came out to the event felt that mock interviews were a great way for them to focus on their weak spots with an industry representative and all students mentioned that the representatives gave great tips for interviews."

Collaborators: UTM Rotaract Club and UTM Pre-Medical Club 

Racket Triathlon

Using the expertise of all three clubs we hosted a racket triathlon. This was a tournament in which students competed in all three sports (badminton, table tennis and squash) for a set amount games. Students rotated from sport to sport playing against students of similar skill level to maintain fairness. Students who were new to the sport were taught by the executive members of each respective club. Through participation in this event, students gained competitive experience at no monetary cost and ease of accessibility, as compared to expensive and distant off-campus tournaments. Furthermore, students gained exposure to new ways they can stay active as well learned how to play different indoor racket sports.

Collaborators: UTM Badminton Club, UTM Ping Pong Club, UTM Squash Club

Continuing the Legacy Conference

We organized an educational conference and case competition called Continuing the Legacy, where students and youth from the community tackled problems that local non-profit organizations are facing. The event allowed participants to problem-solve and present their solutions to these issues and also hosted workshops for students to learn about these issues and improve on skills such as public speaking.

Collaborators: UTM Muslim Students' Association and Islamic Relief at UTM

Finance Competition Closing Ceremony

As part of the competition, students were able to trade equities based off real data and real world market conditions; through this experience, students became familiar with stock market dynamics and with a variety of theories and strategies under which industry professionals make buy and sell decisions every day. The Closing Ceremony also included a networking portion where our students can interact and connect with several companies.

Collaborators: Undergraduate Economics Council, Student Management Association, and Undergraduate Commerce Society.

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