Second-Year Learning

People in a lecture hall facing a speaker.

As the pandemic continues, learning and learning environments will continue to evolve. This page will provide information and resources on making the most out of your academic experiences - digital, physical, hybrid, synchronous, asynchronous, and all of their combinations!

Year 2+: Second Year Skills Development

Year 2+ is a skills development program for second-year students based in the Centre for Student Engagement. The program consists of:

  • Completing of a workshop set that supports skill development; and
  • Participating in recurring group meetings over the course of a term that support skill practice

The program aims to respond to the diverse life experiences and goals of second-year students, and foster second-year student life and identity at UTM.

Year 2+ will be launching will be CCR-recognizedParticipants need to complete a minimum of 9 hours worth of workshops and meetings with Year 2+. 

  • Within one single theme: Minimum of 5 workshops, and their assessment activities (totaling 1 hour) + minimum 3 of the recurring group meetings, and a term-end reflection activity
  • Mixed across the three available themes: Minimum of 5 workshops in any theme, and their assessment activities (totaling 1 hour) + minimum 3 of the recurring group meetings in any theme, and a term-end reflection activity

To learn more about the recurring group meetings, head over to our Second Year Community webpage. To learn more about our workshops, continue scrolling!

This Fall and Winter term, there are three themes, with the following workshops: 

  • Social Identity Growth (always takes place on Tuesdays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm, at MN 5128)
    • Building and Communicating Your Social Identity (September 20)
    • Peer Support in Social Identity (September 27)
    • Student Life Outside of the Classroom (October 18)
    • Extrovert and Introvert Community-Building (November 1)
    • Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome (November 8)
    • Active Bystander/Upstander 101 (November 22)
  • Healthy and Productive Communication (always takes place on Thursdays from 11:30am - 12:30pm, at MN 5128)
    • Active Listening (September 22)
    • Managing Information Overload (October 6)
    • Public Speaking (October 13)
    • Cross-Culture Communication (October 20)
    • Building and Maintaining Boundaries (November 3)
    • Help-seeking Communication (November 10)
  • Navigating Challenge (always takes place on Fridays from 12:30pm - 1:30pm, at MN 5128)
    • Creating Effective Plans for Help (September 23)
    • Culturally-Responsive Resiliency (September 30)
    • Reframing Conflict (October 21)
    • Navigating Peer Pressure (October 28)
    • Reframing Failure (November 11)
    • Competing with Kindness (November 25)


For all questions and feedback regarding Second Year Support, please contact the Centre for Student Engagement at